Summary Description

Using the lens of Neurolinguistic Programming, this session will look how behavior forms and methods to assist a client in creating behavioral changes necessary to obtain the results they wish to achieve. The attendees will gain knowledge to enhance their existing models for change and to create new models. The practical purposes for which are improved positive results where the client is empowered for achievement.

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The date


September 16, 2022


8:00 am

what will you learn?

Be able to describe the functional model of internal and external communication.

Identify more effective options (v other options) to achieve behavioral change.

Have an undeniable knowing of self-growth by testing one’s internal locus for ‘knowing’.

Who is this workshop for?

Medical Practitioners


Graduate Students

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about the speaker

LCDC with Master Trainer of NLP Programming

Jim Malatich, LCDC, is Vice President of NTSCH and serves on various boards of directors for homeless community outreach and MHMR.

Jim's special guest, Lane Pierce, is a Master Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming.